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Texas (Somewhat) Compassionate Use: 2019 UPDATE

Back in 2015, the Texas Legislature adopted a “Compassionate Use” law pertaining to “low-THC” cannabis. Low-THC cannabis was defined as cannabis with less than .5%

Drug Arrests and Drug Use In Texas

During a group discussion that I was a part of, it was recently asked whether more men or women were arrested for drug offenses. We

Marijuana Law Update: June 2019

The Texas legislature recently passed a bill legalizing some form of hemp. This has important consequences for Texas marijuana law, so let’s get caught up

What Happens After Arrest

Being arrested can be an anxiety-inducing, scary event, regardless of what the arrest was for. When a person has no prior criminal history, the anxiety

CBD & Denton Police Department

Lest anyone doubt that CBD (and CBD oil) contains THC (and is thus illegal), the above is from an affidavit of probable cause for an

When Police Know Where Your Cellphone Is

Q: Can police obtain the records of your cellphone location without a warrant to determine where you have been in the past weeks, months, etc.


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