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Marijuana DWI’s in Texas: Blood Tests

Increasingly, driving while intoxicated charges are being filed against people who drive—not under the influence of alcohol—but under the alleged influence of marijuana. Often enough,

Heroin and Opioids In Denton 2017

In 1976, Texas adopted the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) guidelines, to get detailed, reliable crime statistics. In addition to UCR, there are several additional statistics

New Drugs and NIST

On June 6, 2017, one of the nation’s largest databases of chemical signatures, NIST, announced that it had added 25,000 chemical signatures to its already

Drugs In Cars

Most arrests for drug offenses do not arise from a carefully planned surveillance operation where police have sought warrants to place GPS trackers on vehicles,

Drug Tests and Marijuana

Commonly, I am asked how long marijuana stays in a person’s system. This is a bad question, because it is imprecise—by system, do you mean


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