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A Tale of Two “Felonies”: 12.44(a) and 12.44(b)

Where felony charges are concerned, two specific provisions of the Texas Penal Code often come up: 12.44(a) and 12.44(b). The title of 12.44 explains the effect of prosecution under such provisions—“Reduction of State Jail Felony Punishment to Misdemeanor Punishment.” Both provisions permit punishment for a state jail felony to be

License Issues Relating to Drug Use or Risk of Relapse

Most people are aware (or become aware) that any conviction for a drug offense, or any offense under Chapter 481 of the Texas Health and Safety Code (where the drug offenses are, generally) will automatically suspend a person’s driver’s license for a period of 180 days. What is less-known, however,

Marijuana DWI’s in Texas: Blood Tests

Increasingly, driving while intoxicated charges are being filed against people who drive—not under the influence of alcohol—but under the alleged influence of marijuana. Often enough, a warrant is sought for the person’s blood so that it can be tested for the presence of marijuana, drugs, and prescription medication. A blood

Marijuana Classification: Washington, et al. v. Jeff Sessions

It is well-known that Attorney General Jeff Sessions questionably linked the current opioid crisis to marijuana use (“The DEA said that a huge percentage of heroin addiction starts with prescriptions,” Sessions stated, “That may be an exaggerated number; they had it as high as 80%. We think that a lot

Heroin and Opioids In Denton 2017

In 1976, Texas adopted the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) guidelines, to get detailed, reliable crime statistics. In addition to UCR, there are several additional statistics that police departments must report—family violence, sexual assault, hate crimes, and the like. Of interest here, however, is the mandatory requirement from the Texas Health

Burglary With Intent to Steal Drugs

There have been some major changes to the laws concerning the possession, sale, and manufacture of controlled substances this year. One major change concerns what level of offense a person can be charged with for breaking into a car or commercial building. Under certain circumstances, explained below, what used to


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