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Why Plea Bargains (Don’t) Work

If the Government is bad at plea offers the justice system breaks down.   There are far too many cases on a given docket in a county or district court in most cities for the Government to try every single case. As such, disposing of some cases by plea offers

Texas Gun Laws Q&A

Q: Can I buy a guns/ammo/gun accessories in another state if I am a resident of Texas?   A: Texas Penal Code s46.07 permits that “a resident of this state [Texas, of course] may, if not otherwise precluded by law, purchase firearms, ammunition, reloading components, or firearm accessories in another

University of North Texas Code of Conduct Hearings – Why You Need A Lawyer

I have attended countless University of North Texas Code of Conduct Hearings.   Luckily, none as the accused (I attended UNT to pursue my Master’s degree)—no, I attended these hearings as a lawyer FOR the accused student. Why would a student bring a lawyer to one of these meetings? Does


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