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Urinalysis Testing (5 Panel): Heroin

Disclaimer: I am not a lab technician, pharmacologist, doctor, or in any way a medical professional. I am a criminal defense lawyer who sees lots of labs for drug tests, and am interested in the movement of illegal drugs through the body, and effect of illegal drugs on the body. 

Texas (Somewhat) Compassionate Use: 2019 UPDATE

Back in 2015, the Texas Legislature adopted a “Compassionate Use” law pertaining to “low-THC” cannabis. Low-THC cannabis was defined as cannabis with less than .5% THC (by weight). The law legalized use (non-smoking use, specifically) of low-THC cannabis for patients who had been diagnosed with intractable epilepsy—and had jumped through

Drug Arrests and Drug Use In Texas

During a group discussion that I was a part of, it was recently asked whether more men or women were arrested for drug offenses. We knew that for virtually every other offense in the Texas Penal Code and related criminal statutes, men are arrested far more frequently than women. (Another

Marijuana Law Update: June 2019

The Texas legislature recently passed a bill legalizing some form of hemp. This has important consequences for Texas marijuana law, so let’s get caught up to speed. The new Texas law makes hemp products with 0.3% or less THC legal, whereas such products with greater than 0.3% THC are still

Brass Knuckles Legal in Texas Effective Sept. 1, 2019

Last week, House Bill 446, which removes “knuckles” (i.e. brass knuckles) from the list of illegal weapons in Texas, was signed into law. As of September 1, 2019, it will be legal in Texas to possess “any instrument that consists of finger rings or guards made of a hard substance

What Happens After Arrest

Being arrested can be an anxiety-inducing, scary event, regardless of what the arrest was for. When a person has no prior criminal history, the anxiety and stress that accompany being arrested can continue well after bonding out of jail because of a lack of familiarity with what happens next. So,


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